PSN more detail please…

On reading through the FAQ of the PSN “outage” it seems that Sony are trying to skirt the difficult questions. Mainly well for me anyway over the disclosure of the incident . Question 12 demon straits there intersessions I fear:

Q.12?????How serious is this???Have the hackers broken the? security on PSN/Qriocity???Are you taking necessary measures to prevent such outage happening in the future?

Since this is an overall security related issue, we will not comment further on this case but we are working to restore and maintain the services, including countermeasures against future intrusions.

This would lead me to believe that Sony doesn’t intend to outline the failing of the system and what they have done to put this right.

I have posted a question to Sony about this as well as asking for detail of the format of my password as stored on there system (ether hashed or plan). If I get an answer I will post it here.

I have herd rumours but that is all they are that the CVT codes for credit cards might have got out as well. These should never have been stored and so I am sceptical but will post more as I find out.