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My Single Line WordPress Upgrade

Here is my take on the single line word press upgrade I saw at hack a day.
The bellow will download the latest version and unpack it. IT then removes the new plugins and themes as to not over wright your installed ones. IT then copies the new install over the old one and resets the permissions on the files.
wget && unzip && rm -rf ./wordpress/wp-content/ && cp -r ./wordpress/* ../

You may need to change the paths for your installation but this should work quite well.
As allways take a backup before you run this just in case.

IBM/Lenovo 8808 not sending inventory to Altiris

This is just a quick post to help anyone else who is pulling there hair out trying to get there Lenovo 8808 desktops to upload there inventory to an Altiris DS when booting under windows PE we have tried up to the latest version of the Aclient with no success. We were then given a jolt of inspiration by our Altiris support guy who advised we try booting the DOS environment to see if that would inventory the machine and lo and behold it did so we know have a first job that just boots into dos boot environment and runs a script with just a rem line in it. This makes the Aclient send an inventory which can then be worked with. Hope this helps. To most readers this will mean very little sorry better news to follow….

Electrical Calculations

I have just got a new house (more about that in a later post) and I have had to do some electrical work and as a result I have had to calculate out all the relevant electrical values for the installation. As a result I found a site has a calc on it so I have made a stripped down version in a place were I can remember were to find it… Here so here it is feel free to use it if you like though I take no responsibility for it being correct….

I have pre filled the voltage for the UK you can change this though for your specific application.

You need to have any two of the fore values for the calculation to work.

Voltage V =
Volts V

Current I =
Amperes, Amps A

Resistance R =
Ohms ?

Power P =
Watts W

HowTo: Easy Install of ispCP on Debian Etch

NOTE: This is now quite old there is an updated install how to on he ispcp site here.

IspCP is a branch of the VHCS project but it is a bit more of a welcoming project with a lot more activity on the development side of things.

This howto will also work with Debian Sarge.

This is a scripted install of ispCP so after the first few commands all you have to do is answer the questions.

In this howto I have started off with a clean install of etch with only openssh-server installed.

Login as root and change to root directory.
# cd /root
Download the mini install script from here.
Un-tar the mini install.
# tar -xvzf ispcp-omega-mini-installer-latest.tar.gz

Remove the tar file after extraction for house keeping.
# rm rm ispcp-omega-mini-installer-latest.tar.gz

Change to the extracted directory.
# cd ispcp-omega-mini-installer-0.5/

Run the install script (from here on its just a case of answering the questions).
# ./
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