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Sharing Vialations within SYSVOL

I recently had an issue with sharing violations benig reported by Ultra Sound with issues within my sysvol replica set. I had a look at the tech net article on this problem (kb822300) but it did not help with the problem I was having as when I installed the surgested hotfix the files that were in a locked state were no loged in the event log as advertised. I decided to use the old fashond way to fix this.

First I ran:

ntfrsutl inlog > c:\sometextfile.txt

This creates a list of the items that are being inbound replicated on the problem server. I went through the file looking for the line IBCO_INSTALL_RETRY as described in the KB but it did not find it. Then I decided to go through the file manually reading the hole thing. I found that I had a slight variation on the KB article on some items I had the files marked with IBCO_DEL_RETRY and IBCO_RENAME_RETRY. I then ran the GUID’s for these files through the following command to find out what they were.

ntdfsutl idtable {GUID} > c:\someothertextfile.txt

This relieved that some folders that had been deleted would not replicate off the server and also a file that had been renamed would not replicate the change. I found that I had a permission issue with these folders and files and was able to fix it.