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Yubikey Issues

I have ordered my key now will be with me in two weeks so I can have a proper play then. But I have been thinking. This device doesn’t work if you can just buy one anonymously and create an identity with it and use it for authentication. All it is really good for a single user is for adding to existing accounts on systems and using the key as a single authentication device through the central auth system (openID). Other than that the key needs to be issued by a party and tied to there system and issued in a way so that it is securely placed into the hands of the correct owner for multi factor authentication. in this method for each system you need authentication to you would need a separate key ie for access to a bank account with one firm and access to a credit card held by another firm. One key will not do all. What this system needs is a central authentication system that can be trusted to some level. A bit like Thawte did with ssl certs all those years ago.

Yubico has got me exited

Ok I have just herd about the new authentication device from Yubico it is called the Yubikey and it is verry simple it is a usb keyboard in a pen drive that sends a single instance key for authentication anyway I am pressed for time at the mo and this Portugees keyboard is all wrong. But the top and the bottom is havea look it is all opensource they just sell the hardware I have bought mine to play with. you should too. I will postmore when I have had a play but read theresite is is verry cool in the way that it works.

RIP Pandora hello Last.FM

Last FM is the well not new but now legal play what you want internet radio station. And it has its own client so you can play outside of the browser. This is a feature I have always wanted from Pandora. On top of that the client comes in several flavors Windows Apple and Linux and if you use a Debian derivative distro you can install and maintain via apt. Very impressive.

Pandora’s box closes to the UK

Pandora the custom internet radio company, will be blocking the UK from accessing the station as of the 15th of Jan 08. This is due to licensing issues with the music companies not going well. The UK was the only country out side the US that was able to get the system and there was some thought that the UK would let the add based company stream there radio. But this is not to be the case. There is also concern that the station might be forced off the wires in the US as well in the future. If you haven’t used Pandora before I urge you to have a look before you are unable to again.

Yet another nail in the media revolution coffin. Lets hope Jobs will cheer every one up next week.


The lost casts guys are back on the wire just before series 4 starts to air in the US. Cant wait to hear more from them. Also I just wanted to link this guy not that he isn’t popular enough or that linking him here will help. Johnny has done some really cool projects over the years more recently he has done alot with the Wii Mote that mos people will have seen all over the net. but I think that some of his other projects are of possibly greater note have a look.

I have also recently moved to another new server with more power and before it was really commissioned we purchased its replacement well this server will become a fail over node but that isn’t important. And we are now running ISPCP in anger. we have had to make several changes to the system to make it work the way we need and want it to but nothing to dramatic.  More info on ISPCP issues to follow.