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MacRumours Hacked

The live feed for the MacWorld keynote from MacRumours was hacked today. This hack also took down there regular site. From the text that was in replacement to the keynote info (provided by thoes that had hacked the site) it seems that access to the server controle pannel was hacked allowing access to the hole system. It also apeared that more than one hacker had had ago at the system as conversations emerged in the streem. At one point it seemed that other users of the site were also able to contribute as requests to stop were also included in the streem as well as info from other streem providers. Not a good day for MacRumours.

Yubikey Issues

I have ordered my key now will be with me in two weeks so I can have a proper play then. But I have been thinking. This device doesn’t work if you can just buy one anonymously and create an identity with it and use it for authentication. All it is really good for a single user is for adding to existing accounts on systems and using the key as a single authentication device through the central auth system (openID). Other than that the key needs to be issued by a party and tied to there system and issued in a way so that it is securely placed into the hands of the correct owner for multi factor authentication. in this method for each system you need authentication to you would need a separate key ie for access to a bank account with one firm and access to a credit card held by another firm. One key will not do all. What this system needs is a central authentication system that can be trusted to some level. A bit like Thawte did with ssl certs all those years ago.

Yubico has got me exited

Ok I have just herd about the new authentication device from Yubico it is called the Yubikey and it is verry simple it is a usb keyboard in a pen drive that sends a single instance key for authentication anyway I am pressed for time at the mo and this Portugees keyboard is all wrong. But the top and the bottom is havea look it is all opensource they just sell the hardware I have bought mine to play with. you should too. I will postmore when I have had a play but read theresite is is verry cool in the way that it works.