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The lost casts guys are back on the wire just before series 4 starts to air in the US. Cant wait to hear more from them. Also I just wanted to link this guy not that he isn’t popular enough or that linking him here will help. Johnny has done some really cool projects over the years more recently he has done alot with the Wii Mote that mos people will have seen all over the net. but I think that some of his other projects are of possibly greater note have a look.

I have also recently moved to another new server with more power and before it was really commissioned we purchased its replacement well this server will become a fail over node but that isn’t important. And we are now running ISPCP in anger. we have had to make several changes to the system to make it work the way we need and want it to but nothing to dramatic.  More info on ISPCP issues to follow.

HowTo: Easy Install of ispCP on Debian Etch

NOTE: This is now quite old there is an updated install how to on he ispcp site here.

IspCP is a branch of the VHCS project but it is a bit more of a welcoming project with a lot more activity on the development side of things.

This howto will also work with Debian Sarge.

This is a scripted install of ispCP so after the first few commands all you have to do is answer the questions.

In this howto I have started off with a clean install of etch with only openssh-server installed.

Login as root and change to root directory.
# cd /root
Download the mini install script from here.
Un-tar the mini install.
# tar -xvzf ispcp-omega-mini-installer-latest.tar.gz

Remove the tar file after extraction for house keeping.
# rm rm ispcp-omega-mini-installer-latest.tar.gz

Change to the extracted directory.
# cd ispcp-omega-mini-installer-0.5/

Run the install script (from here on its just a case of answering the questions).
# ./
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VHCS can you afford to use it?

Ok latest news on my VHCS saga is that I have just discovered the existence of a fairly big hole in the security which the dev guys don’t seem to bothered about fixing. Have a look at this, Ow and don’t listen to the early comments about it being fixed it wasn’t at time of posting this. The exploit lets you add admin accounts (Nice). I am now looking at ispCP:Omega which is a branch of VHCS but is still being developed.

VHCS problems in Debian 4.0

I have recently installed a VHCS v2.4.7.1 server on Debian 4.0 with John. We found we had an error when adding domain users we got a blue refresh icon next to the account that never went away. If we tried to remove a user we got a yellow/orange pause icon next to the account and it would not delete. On further investigation we found that there were several forums on how to fix this problem but when we ran (as they suggested) the command:


we got an error that looked like this:

If specified by -literal_key, then the key length must be equal to the chosen cipher’s key length of 56 bytes at /var/www/vhcs2/engine// line 1443
Compilation failed in require at ./var/www/vhcs2/engine/vhcs2-rqst-mngr line 33.

The solution to this problem is quite simple John found it here but basically you need to:

  • edit the file /var/www/vhcs2/engine/
  • go to line 1445 and edit it to look like this: ‘keysize’ => 32,

The hole section should look as bellow when finished:

1443 my $cipher = Crypt::CBC -> new(
1444 {
1445 ‘keysize’ => 32,
1446 ‘key’ => $main::db_pass_key,
1447 ‘cipher’ => ‘Blowfish’,
1448 ‘iv’ => $main::db_pass_iv,
1449 ‘regenerate_key’ => 0,
1450 ‘padding’ => ‘space’,
1451 ‘prepend_iv’ => 0
1452 }
1453 );

Update: If you doing a fresh install you may have to edit some other files for the same problem you just need to go to the line number and add this line above the cypher code.