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Tech tip for traveling to Portugal and Europe

This is a quick tip for travelers.I recently went to Portugal intact I am still here. Anyway if you want to skip the now massive queues at passport control get an e passport asap as Portugal has loads of e control points like 5ish and only 2 regular only one of which is for eu citizens. By the way e passports have a chip behind the photo and an icon on the front. Anyway enjoy the nice weather I will…

Reboot Tastic

I went to Belfast this week. Nothing to interesting with that but.. When I got on the plain that was to take me there the pilot instructed every one that the plane would have to be rebooted as there was a computer on board that had gone wrong. It took 3 full reboots of the plane to sort it involving all lights to be turned off (full cold starts) before the TomTom for the air would come back on again.

Can’t touch this

This is the first article I have writen on the iPod touch. I have jailed the device and I can’t beleve how cool it is now. The installed is amazing I only which apple had done it, who knows how good it would have been then. I didn’t use the jailbreakme site though I did try. It just didn’t want to play ball for me. Instead I used the more long winded original way. I will leave this post a little short as I am not that quick on this key board just yet though it is very good.